Want to learn how to improv? Here are some resources to get you started:


Improv 101: Our introductory workshop teaches you the basics of improvisational theater.  Perfect for anyone who wants to improve their public speaking ability, listening skills, or just have fun learning how to improvise.  Students must be 16 or older. Maximum class size is 12 students. Next class  March 16, 2013, email for details.

Quotes from previous students:

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop that I attended a couple of weeks ago 🙂 It felt really good to play again and it brought make many happy memories of my time at SAK Comedy Lab.”  ~Kelly

” Thanks so much for the Day Workshop.  It was tremendous fun, and I hope you will be having another.” ~Glenn

Learn Improv Comedy–A link to the blog that our former  leader Dan Lannin wrote.

Expert Village–Instructional improv videos.

Improv Encyclopedia –A comprehensive list of lots and lots of improv games.

How to Improvise –A good overview on how to improvise.

Improv Wisdom –A link to a great improv book about the merging of improv in your real life. What a concept!

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