Kathryn Moss

Native American Name: Laughs At Own Jokes

Age: Younger than a Redwood, older than the stuff in my fridge.

Favorite Food: Brain Food

Favorite Improv Memory: That’s privileged info, young Padawan.

Dogs or Cats: You have to choose?!

What I’ve learned about improv: Most people think it’s a typo of “improve”.

Something random, but true about me: I appreciate a good awkward moment. Like now.

Something conventional, but false about me: I Hate Lucy.

Something confusing, and either true or false about me: I’m a person of many contradictions.

If you get the opportunity to spend time with her, it is highly advised that you make her laugh so you can experience one of the most powerful and contagious laughs of all time. Another skill of Kathryn’s is to charm snakes and any other animal that comes running (or slithering) when she breaks out her animal-baby-talk. A granddaughter of a veterinarian, she was afforded the ability to speak with animals as a wee one and carries it with her today.

Should you find yourself awestruck in Kathryn’s presence and searching for a topic of conversation, you can get her excited with current events, celebrity gossip, and history. She is available after each show to sign autographs, but she specializes in writing her name on fans’ eyelids. You cannot fight the intrigue! Bring a marker.

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