Scott Nowlin

Native American Name: Laughing Grey Wolf

Age: Many lifetimes

Favorite Food: Tina’s fruit pies

Favorite Improv Memory: The next one

Dogs or Cats: Both

What I’ve learned about improv: Much like life, you create it and to the degree you are present, you get the presents.

Something random, but true about me: I once worked at a stud mill, it got closed down due to lack of product.

Something conventional, but false about me: My scoring average in the NBA was 1.2 points per game.

Something confusing, and either true or false about me: My twin and I have the same dream once in a while.

Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, or Archer? Skipper

As if there weren’t enough good looks in one Laughing Grey Wolf, the Universe saw to it that we got two and Scott’s twin brother even sounds like him! To keep his sanity, he works a day job that allows him to travel some for trade shows and such. We cannot disclose any more information about this or we will have to kill you. Consider your ignorance a compliment.

One day, a few years ago, Scott saw an ad for an audition to an improv group and thought “I’d like to do that”. The rest will be published in hysterical history then etched into stone, as he came in and became the leader of *our* free world before he knew it.

Scott will see to it that his dreams come true and the comedy of Improv Colorado will do good for humanity in more than one way as he leads the group into community service work (not court-ordered, either).

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