Shannon Christine

Native American Name: Awkward Flying Hawk

Age: looking forward to finding out if my underarm hair will turn grey

Favorite Food: If we haven’t met yet that explains your uncertainty. Pretty much any food that can be covered by my mouth.  Or wiped on my cheek.  Or tasted.  Or slurped through a straw.  

Favorite Improv Memory: The day they made me sing and I DIDN’T get kicked out!

Dogs or Cats: Some of them pee, some of them counter surf, some of them are bulemic, and some of them have half of a tail. Oh, and then there are the chickens…

What I’ve learned about improv: Practicing with my kids makes me their favorite parent in the world. And it’s like therapy. Except not. Except when it is.

Something random, but true about me: I hate, HATE, drops of water on the floor. It’s a terrible shock and causes sensory overload.

Something conventional, but false about me: I don’t go anywhere without makeup on!

Something confusing, and either true or false about me: But the overlateral maneuvering of stilletos on stage is like ballet meets Ru Paul and then the hippocratic gearshifter goes “WOW”.

Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, or Archer? I think Kirk was a captain of a ship. And I want to be a pilot. So… B) Blue.

Observing and analyzing every last detail she can about human nature is Shannon’s favorite way to pass the time. When she’s onstage she often tries to manipulate these mannerisms into something that makes sense in humor. She, like Scott, was drawn to Improv Colorado via an ad. But hers wasn’t for an audition so she was stoked to learn she’d been invited to join the group.

Since then she’s been given the opportunity to bring something new to rehearsals and shows. As the official hippie of the group she takes time away from homeschooling, raising chickens, rescuing reject pets, and neglecting the cosmetic ‘needs’ of her home to come laugh with her friends of Improv Colorado.

One day she would like to save the world and guesses that laughing might just do the trick.  Until then, she puts her entrepreneurial spirit to work by designing baby pants and leading a movement toward intimate living. An overthinker, and sometimes underachiever, Shannon is available to be laughed at whenever your heart calls for it.

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